Time Rewizer  v.1.1
Created by: Mark Oostveen
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAnimationBakerClass managing transforms before bake in edit mode
 CNodePropertiesNode Properties for Animation Baker
 CAnimationBakerEditorcustom editor for position and rotation rewinding
 CAnimationHierachyCacheClass containing Hierachy Cache for animation rewinding
 CBakeClass Containing Bake Functions for Baking
 CBaseBakerbase class for custom inspector link to baking rewinding objects
 CBaseCustomEditorBakedStarts window of given type. please give all listed types below to setup editor window for baking T0: Type of window being outputted T1: Baker type used T2: Type of Cache Object used T3: Setting type being used T4: Properties type Used by baker T5: Properties type being used to save data by Cache object
 CEditorRewizeSystemUtilityClass used to contain functions needed accross custom editors for time rewinding
 CIBakerInterface Containing a Baker scriptableobject cache
 CIBakeWindowInterface for Baker windows T is the type of baker used by the window
 CICacheInterface for cache containing objects
 CIInitializeableCan this object be initialized? then use this interface for clarification
 CInternalValueBakerBaker used to baking internal script variables
 CPropertyInfoStruct containing information about a internal script variable aswell as it's cached snapshots
 CPropertyValuestruct to store value of a snapshot into
 CInternalValueCustomInspectorcustom editor for position and rotation rewinding
 CInternalValueRewizeWindowCachecache containing snapshots of all serialized snapshots for a gameobject
 CIPropertiesInterface used by Property types for bakers
 CIRecordablePropertyinterface indicating a property can be recorded
 CIRecorderInterface for classes that want to record a snapshot
 CISettingInterface for scriptableobjects containing settings
 CPositionRotationBakerClass managing transforms before bake in edit mode
 CNodePropertiesNode properties for position rotation nodes
 CSavedDataSaved data of position rotation
 CPositionRotationBakerEditorcustom editor for position and rotation rewinding
 CPropertyConversionClass Using
 CScriptableBakeExtentionEditor Extention to scriptabletimerewinding for baking
 CAnimationRewizerCustomEditorAnimation rewinding custom inspector
 CEditorRewizerDebugEditorWindow for rewind utility screen
 CPositionRotationRewizerCustomEditorAnimation rewinding custom inspector
 CRewizerMonobehaviourCustomEditorAnimation rewinding custom inspector
 CTimeRewizerInstalationAssociated with managing installation related tasks for Time Rewizer Plug-In
 CAnimationRewizerMonobehaviour for Rewinding animations in unity
 CAnimatorParameterstruct storing animator parameters
 CSnapshotSnapshot holding animation info
 CSnapshotDataSnapshot data for animation rewinding
 CAudioRewizerProperty rewinder for audio rewinding
 CSnapshotStruct containing snapshot for audiorewinding
 CAuthorauthor attribute used to name who made which
 CDisableNavMeshWhileRewindingclass to disable nav mesh while moving
 CFloatWithDefaultRewizerRewinding type with a default value
 CIRecordAbleInterface For Recording snapshots
 CIRewizeableInterface for all rewindable types
 CISerializeableObjectContainerInterface for objects wanting to contain serialized objects
 CISnapShotInterface for SnapshotData inside IRewindables
 CObjectSerializerStruct used to keep serialized data to survive unity hotswapp
 CParameterStruct containing Parameter info for Animation Rewinding
 CPositionRotationRewizerMonobehaviour that can be rewinded with postion, and rotation
 CSnapshotSnapshot data for PositionRotationVelocityRewinding
 CSnapshotDataSnapshot data for PositionRotationVelocityRewinding
 CPropertyRewizerRewind all kinds of types with this class, if you want to do something special you need to create your own. this class can be used for general types.
 CRewizerMonobehaviourholder for RewizeSystem in scene hierarchy
 CRewizeSystemManages all rewinding objects, by updating, extracting and organising them. use this class for all changes to a rewindable object at runtime
 CRewizeUtilityFunctionsUtility class for rewinding functions
 CScriptableBakeScriptable Object containing info for baked rewinding practices
 CSerializationUtility for serializing and deserializing objects into and from strings
 CValueRewizerBase class for rewinding internal values Inherit from this class to create your own rewinding internal value type