Time Rewizer  v.1.1
Created by: Mark Oostveen
MarkOostveen.TimeRewizer.Editor.Baking.InternalValueBaker.PropertyInfo Struct Reference

Struct containing information about a internal script variable aswell as it's cached snapshots More...

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Public Member Functions

 PropertyInfo (FieldInfo type, MonoBehaviour parent)
 create instance More...
object Clone ()
 create a member wise clone of object More...

Public Attributes

FieldInfo m_FieldInfo
 fieldinfo of linked variable type More...
MonoBehaviour m_Parent
 Baker attached to the object More...
bool m_Recording
 indicates if this property is being recorded More...
string m_Tag
 object tag More...
dynamic m_Instance
 instance of the serialized target More...
dynamic m_Values
 Snapshot list More...


bool IRecordableProperty. Recording [get, set]

Detailed Description

Struct containing information about a internal script variable aswell as it's cached snapshots

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PropertyInfo()

MarkOostveen.TimeRewizer.Editor.Baking.InternalValueBaker.PropertyInfo.PropertyInfo ( FieldInfo  type,
MonoBehaviour  parent 

create instance

183  {
184  m_FieldInfo = type;
185  m_Parent = parent;
186  m_Tag = type.Name;
188  m_Values = null;
189  m_Instance = m_FieldInfo.GetValue(parent);
190  m_Recording = false;
191  }
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Member Function Documentation

◆ Clone()

object MarkOostveen.TimeRewizer.Editor.Baking.InternalValueBaker.PropertyInfo.Clone ( )

create a member wise clone of object

203  {
204  return MemberwiseClone();
205  }

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_FieldInfo

FieldInfo MarkOostveen.TimeRewizer.Editor.Baking.InternalValueBaker.PropertyInfo.m_FieldInfo

fieldinfo of linked variable type

◆ m_Instance

dynamic MarkOostveen.TimeRewizer.Editor.Baking.InternalValueBaker.PropertyInfo.m_Instance

instance of the serialized target

◆ m_Parent

MonoBehaviour MarkOostveen.TimeRewizer.Editor.Baking.InternalValueBaker.PropertyInfo.m_Parent

Baker attached to the object

◆ m_Recording

bool MarkOostveen.TimeRewizer.Editor.Baking.InternalValueBaker.PropertyInfo.m_Recording

indicates if this property is being recorded

◆ m_Tag

string MarkOostveen.TimeRewizer.Editor.Baking.InternalValueBaker.PropertyInfo.m_Tag

object tag

◆ m_Values

dynamic MarkOostveen.TimeRewizer.Editor.Baking.InternalValueBaker.PropertyInfo.m_Values

Snapshot list

Property Documentation

◆ Recording

bool IRecordableProperty. MarkOostveen.TimeRewizer.Editor.Baking.InternalValueBaker.PropertyInfo.Recording
162  {
163  get => m_Recording;
164  set => m_Recording = value;
165  }