.Net Tasks deep-dive

Oct 21
I’ve made a deep-dive into the world of tasks in .Net this is meant to educate other people on how to use different implementations of .Net tasks.

Participating in Skills Heroes

Dec 05
Participating in Skills Heroes This October I’ve passed the qualification tournaments at school in programming, and I am now to the official challenger of Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht to represent them in the Skills Heroes competition. […]

CSM Serializer deserialization prototype.

Jul 13
CSM Deserializer Prototype After some weeks of working on it in my spare time, I want to share this prototype with all of you. This prototype is working quite well, and it deserializes the data […]

CSM Serializer WIP Update Final text format

Jun 10
CSM serializer Update, final text format Last 2 weeks i’ve been hard at work in my spare time on the serializer, i’ve created some prototypes, and i’ve been making changes to the final format of […]

CSM Serializer

Jun 03
CSM Serializer So after I’ve created the Time Rewizer project there was one major flaw, which actually still exists. This problem is that the serialization is really slow and inefficient, compared to what it could […]