CSM Serializer

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CSM Serializer

So after I’ve created the Time Rewizer project there was one major flaw, which actually still exists. This problem is that the serialization is really slow and inefficient, compared to what it could be.

Because of this, I’ve decided to make an update on that, but this time an efficient one.

Below is my first flowchart of what my original idea for it was.

CSM-Serializer Diagram Draw.IO

In the highlighted image, you can see the layout of the file i would like to have, so in the file we will have an header section to store all line numbers of where sections begin and end, below is a section where all optional assemblies names are stored, this will apply for cases where you want to use C# for example, and you want to save types of that language. In order to instantiate them later you will need to have the assemblies loaded.

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