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Hello, I’m Mark Oostveen, I am a programmer. I help people and myself make ideas come to life, either in the form of an application, app or game. This gives me motivation and the incentive to continue on learning, exploring ever more topics. In daily life I always want to explore something new, this may be programming related but it can also mean experimenting with something else. In my free time, i go to the gym to stay healthy, and I am the leader of a clan in some games where I organize clan activities for others and myself to enjoy.

Date of birth
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Work Experience

Mark Oostveen
Hoflaan 169
Alphen aan den rijn, Netherlands

12 – 2018

8 – 2019


Mark Oostveen Software

Alphen aan den rijn

My own company where I’m working towards making my first commercial app.

12 – 2018

8 – 2019

Programmer – intern


Alphen aan den rijn

I’ve been working at Happydelay as an Intern, I choose this company specificity to give me a broader skillset.

7 – 2018

4 – 2019

.Net C# Programmer

Freepack software b.v.

Alphen aan den rijn

Working for Freepack software b.v. is a really good experience so far for me, I’ve been working close with another programmer to modernize infrastructure within Freepack.

11 – 2016

12 – 2018

Web admin



I am very happy to be working here, this company has some amazing people to work with, as well as some great skills to learn. I’ve been working here on the website, and infrastructure side. What i do here is updating the website and sales app, problem solving for issue’s that emerge as well as teaching the staff to solve those problems on there own might they emerge again.

11 – 2016

11 – 2017

Helping student

Student aan huis

All over the Netherlands

Working at Student aan huis was always a challange, not only is the company helping people electronic related problems by solving them, this company also gives those people a chance to adapt and learn what they want to learn to not make any of those mistakes again. My were going to people and solving problems.

5 – 2015

5 – 2015




I worked as a intern, this 3 week intern from my secondary school has learned me a lot, about working in a company, as well as exposing me to the first programming i did.

5 – 2014

5 – 2014



Alphen aan den rijn

3 week intern ship from my secondary school. i’ve revamped the website for this company, and I’ve gained a lot of work experience as well as comminucation skills between other employees.

School and studies


School/Institute name




Game Development Level 4

Grafische Lyceum Utrecht


9 – 2011


Kader ICT




Programming, Cycling and playing video games( and hosting clan events ).

Other information

I am really not a 9 to 5 person, i often stay longer than needed for either finishing my work or because i like what i’m doing

I really enjoy learing new things, and expanding upon my current knowledge, so I often sit down in the weekend just learning new stuff I haven’t touched before.

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